Virtue’s Children Nepal operates as an all-volunteer foundation. No funds are provided for U.S. salaries, office rent or benefits. We are a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit foundation and contributions are U.S. tax deductible.

Our progress in Nepal is completely dependent upon the generosity of supporters who believe in our goals and wish to join the team effort for the underprivileged children in Nepal. When you plan your charitable participation, please consider the purpose of our work and the maximum extent to which our contributions are utilized for the direct support for the children we serve. Any and all donations are fully appreciated and are used to the best purposes as determined by our responsibilities to the children and our concerns in Nepal. Scholarship support provides for all school and living expenses. Choices may be considered by donors, however, in respect to their interests and amount of donation. If a particular purpose for your donation is important to you, please indicate accordingly when submitting your contribution.

Undirected donations of any amount placed into our General Funds Account are used primarily for emergency care and placement of children, as well as medical assistance and other urgent uses. While donations for this fund are not specified, financial support is most necessary to the rescue and support of children until problems are resolved or sponsors are found.