About Us

From a beginning with a volunteer teaching post in 1984 at a local, non-government orphanage in Kathmandu, Allan Aistrope became directly involved in the lives of disadvantaged, Nepali children…and a lifetime cause evolved. He began working with others to benefit homeless children. In very few years he established residential homes for fifty boys and girls, formed a scholarship program for orphans and destitute students and provided treatment, service and education to physically impaired children. Eventually, he initiated groundbreaking efforts to liberate and educate children living in prisons with an incarcerated parent and originated a highly successful and award-winning music program for blind children in the village of Pokhara.

From those early efforts came encouragement and support from friends and Virtue’s Children Nepal was established as a U.S. charitable foundation in 2003, with a committed board of directors. Each board member has a special connection to Nepal and first-hand exposure to the oppressive poverty there that impels our dedication to improving conditions for the children. These days our work is imperative to improving health, well-being and opportunities available to hundreds of disadvantaged Nepali children. Our cause continues with support from believers in our work and inspiration from the children we serve.

In a committed effort to guarantee a responsible and efficient management of expenses and services, a generous amount of time is spent in Nepal each year by one or more of VCN board members.  While financial support for the children is our fundamental responsibility, parental concerns and personal guidance is equally important.  Our encouragement and supportive involvement with each life is taken to heart by these children and cherished as much as anything else we do for them.  We continually watch with pride as these children strive to make the best of their unexpected opportunity and road to independence.

Virtue’s Children Nepal operates as an all-volunteer foundation. No funds are provided for U.S. salaries, office rent or benefits. We are a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit foundation and contributions are U.S. tax deductible.