For a small amount of financial support, the lives of destitute children in Nepal can be literally transformed. For children who experienced only tragedy and misfortune in their early years, education can totally reverse their circumstances.  So many of our children have survived horrendous beginnings and have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their studies and professions as well as building stable, gratifying, personal lives. When a donation is made for the purpose of a one-year scholarship, it does not automatically assume year-to-year responsibility to the child. We are most grateful for on-going sponsorship, but continued provision must be the choice of the donor. If, for any reason a sponsor cannot continue with their support, the child will not be at risk. In such instances we will support from general program funds while we seek an alternative sponsor. 100% of all scholarship support will be used directly to serve a deserving, neglected Nepali child.
Sponsorship for abandoned and orphaned children are a major priority for VCN and a partnership we actively seek. The rescue and placement of one child placed in primary, high school or college will average about $750 per year for all living and school expenses - an incredible bargain for providing a path to a secure, progressive future for a child without hope. Sponsors are welcome to become involved in the life of the child they sponsor  if they wish, but this is an optional choice. From experience, we know that sponsored children treasure the opportunity to make new friends, express their appreciation and share their personal news with sponsors, should the desire be mutual. All sponsors are provided yearly reports and photos of the child in their financial care. The children in our care and those we seek to assist with support and education are:
  • Blind children.
  • Deaf children.
  • Physically impaired children.
  • Orphaned or homeless children.