The extreme lack of care facilities for children in Nepal is a major factor in the distressing living conditions for so many displaced children. The establishment of an orphanage for girls has been a VCN project that was finally realized with celebration in Kathmandu on October 7, 2009. With the cooperation of Paropakar Orphanage, the first and most honored social program and NGO established in Nepal (1953), VCN constructed and supports this new home, providing secure living space for twenty-five orphaned girls. Our goal is to provide a respectable, comfortable standard of living that these orphans can enjoy and proudly celebrate as their “home”.
It is most likely that these homeless girls would soon have been victims to child trafficking, if not for our rescue. Now, bonded together in harmony and beautifully adjusted to their home environment, every child is a reminder of our purpose. This year the girls demonstrated tremendous academic success and every day they celebrate their new lives with optimism and joy. Even a few minutes spent in the company of these children dramatically underlines the success of this project. While VCN continues to financially support the or phanage, The Paropakar Organization manages all levels of care and education for all of the children and does so with the same integrity and pride shown by VCN. Supervisors and assistants give full, loving attention to these children and insure their well being with daily reminders of how important they have become to everyone involved with their new lives.